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Our Cream Separator ensures Efficient and cost-effective separation and clarification

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From the Hand Crank Cream Separator to electric cream separator, our range contains all the types for Processing Milk and Cream. The entire range offered is developed focusing towards dimension and configuration, which we believe are the decisive factor for speed acceleration and stable performance all through a lifetime. The constant and impeccable rotation of our complete range lefts barely one percent of cream behind in the skim milk, hence ensures high return on investment, whilst filtering caused by the centrifugal force helps removing most of the foreign matter in the cream and delivers absolutely purified end product.

Other than cutting edge technology, our weight on making use of the high quality and food safe stainless steel material enables us to deliver the farthest quality range of the Cream Separator that is accredited by the FDA too. And therefore the milk and cream produced by our Cream Separator are considerably appreciated by customers for its well maintained flavor and appearance, also manifested from the huge acknowledgement of our customers spread worldwide.

A Science behind Cream Separation

Milk is a composition of the fat and non fat elements (solids not fat – SNF), in which fat is present as globules, whilst non fat elements in the form of iconic solution (different salts), colloidal solution (casein micelles) or true solution (whey protein and lactose) in the remaining water part of milk. The light weight of the fat globules, in contrast to other solid elements tends fat globules to separate easily from the skim milk, which can be seen in the form of a layer on the top of milk called cream, thus cream is separated from milk, which is rich in milk fat, but does not contain SNF.

Why Cream is Separated from Milk?

The increased variety of the milk products demand milk of the some specific composition to achieve the type of milk required. Here, Cream Separation is crucial, help procuring a milk of the specific composition with respect to its fat and SNF content. Other than, cream separated from the milk is immensely used in the production of butter, ghee, etc.

How to separate Cream from Milk?

There are mainly two approaches for the separation of the cream from milk called gravity separation and centrifugal separation. Both have the same principle of work that is two immiscible liquids having different densities, under the influence of gravitational force or centrifugal force.

Gravity Separation :

This is an ancient method for separation cream from the milk, wherein the milk is allowed to rest for a sometime that generates a layer of cream on the top due to increased accumulation of the fat globules on the top. This phenomenon is caused due to the upward moment of the lightweight fat globules in the heavier serum owing to gravity. The amount of cream increases when density difference is maximum and viscosity is minimum, which both are influenced by temperature of milk. As the temperature of the milk increases, the ration of density difference and the serum viscosity increases facilitating the cream separation process. This process reaches its pinnacle between 10 ˚C to 30 ˚C and lowers over 50 ˚C.

This process of Cream Separation is considerably slow and inefficient, which is not unimpressive for commercial purposes and therefore its use is limited to home or very small scale dairy industry only.

Centrifugal Separation :

The principle functioning of the centrifugal separation is similar to the gravity separation; however, in the centrifugal separation process driving force is replaced by the centrifugal force with the gravitational one. This centrifugal force is developed by means of the rotational machine called a Centrifugal Separator to achieve determined results. As the force generated by the rotational machine is considerably higher than that of gravity, separation is prominently accelerated. In this operation, milk enters through the bottom of the separator bowl having a stack of conical discs rises up by means of holes placed in the middle of the inner and outer edges of the discs, at the same time the flat globules accumulate on the inside edge. The incoming un-separated milk compels the separated layers upward out at the top of the bowl, and thus there are two outlets in a cream separator, one for skim milk and the other for the cream.

The Centrifugal Separation is very efficient and potent to separate significant amount of the cream from the milk within very short period of time, makes it immensely popular at the commercial base to accomplish cream separation without delay.

What is a Cream Separator?

A Cream Separator is a centrifugal device that separates the milk into cream and skimmed milk through centrifugal force. This Cream Separator has become an inseparable part of the thousands of dairies to accomplish the Cream Separation or can say milk separation for offering huge advantages over the gravity flow system.

How does a cream separator work?

While the Cream Separator rotates, in the simpler language, heavier milk is pulled outward against the walls of the separator and the lighter cream is accumulates in the middle of the separator, which both is flowing out of the separate spouts of the cream separator there after.

Milk Cream Separator Product

What is the fundamental principal of the centrifugation?

The centrifuge functions using the sedimentation principle, wherein the centripetal acceleration causes heavier particles to move outward in the radial direction, simultaneously the lighter particles move to the center.

Why we select centrifugation for cream separator?

We call centrifugation to the process, in which sedimentation of particles occurs under the influence of the centrifugal force, wherein the centrifugation force is 10,000 times higher than the gravity force used in the ancient time and at very high centrifuge it is 60,000 times higher than the gravity force, is the prominent reason for opting on centrifugation for cream separator.

What types of Cream Separator are available?

arrow iconCold milk separator :

This type of cream separator helps produce skim milk and viscous cream of high quality. The cream produced by this type of cream separator has less foam, however, there is potential for limited churning of milk during separation and has lower capacity.

arrow iconWarm Milk Separator :

This type of cream separator helps produce close skimming and low viscous cream abreast foam.

arrow iconHand Driven Cream Separator :

This type of cream separator functions on the centrifugation principle, however, as it is hand operated, apparently has lower capacity; however its lower cost makes it ideal to be used at the farm level operation.

arrow iconPower Driven Cream Separator :

This type of cream separator functions on the centrifugation principle and as it is power operated; it has high capacity and delivers considerable results, popular in the dairy plants for the commercial level operations.

arrow iconOpen Bowl Cream Separator :

This type of cream separator has bowled without a cover and the cream produced by means of this machine produces foam too, therefore its use is limited for small dairy plants.

arrow iconFoamless tri process cream separator :

The cream produced by this type of Cream Separator does not contain foam and therefore it is renowned as the foamless cream separator in the market. As the cream undergoes tri processes, it clarifies, separate and standardize the milk or cream. The cream produced by this type of cream separator characterizes high viscosity, whilst the absolutely closed construction of the separator prevents from the outside atmosphere and therefore one can experience the outstanding quality of the end product.

arrow iconDomestic Cream Separator :

This type of Cream Separator is equipped with the speed controller and therefore the speed is regulated from 1400 to 18000 RPM. However, the mechanical strength of this is not up to the mark and therefore is not considered for a commercial use.